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Output Afterhours With Joey

Get to know the VP of Marketing behind the sounds at Output.


What do you do at Output?


No, but real talk… as the VP of Marketing, I run the team whose ultimate goal is to get people buying, using, and loving – even repping – the badass sounds that we make.

I hate the hard sell, so what my team does is take a step back and consider what we can give back to our community. At the end of the day, whether it’s sharing a captivating video on how your favourite producer chops drum beats, supporting the artists we dig in the studio or at a show, or standing up for creative values that we believe in, I’d consider my team successful if we’ve helped you make music.


What does a day in the life at Output look like?

No one ever tells you that landing a job in the creative industry means that your life is basically 95% emails and 5% innovation. Actually, that’s not true, I also use Basecamp, Google sheets and a tiny calculator shaped like a piano from the dollar store. Or channeling my inner Elton when I can.

💕📧Ł🤸🏿‍♂️🅾️Ñ J🎃🏩N 💕 Tiny 💃🏻

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“Mostly I’m setting the tone of the day, wrangling other key players in multiple departments throughout the process, and just getting shit done. I am the alpha and the omega of all things marketing.”



“Everywhere else I’ve worked in the last decade has paid little to no regard for personal time. There are obviously a lot of things I absolutely adore about our little family, but I have huge amounts of respect for Output on creating a positive culture where everyone is legitimately happy to show up to work every day.”





What was your starting point in music?

When I was a toddler, my older cousin Miranda was my idol. She had long hair, so many rad games on floppy disc, AND she played piano.


I pestered my mum and started taking piano lessons when I was 4. I could probably read sheet music before I could read a book on my own. By the time I was 11, I was at teaching level. It takes an insurmountable level of dedication and time to be one of ’The Greats’ so I rebelled against it in my teens. I completely shut down my musical side until I landed a gig with Red Bull Music Academy a few years ago.




What is your most recent musical project?

Now I manage a band, Mulherin, that are RBMA students and I can’t wait for them to become superstars.


How do you balance all of your creative endeavors?

By the grace of real hip hop hours. Most of what I do for Mulherin like label meetings, music video shoots, and sessions don’t really start until the lights are down low so it’s easy to keep my worlds separate and in sync.

I have an incredible partner, Adam and a dog Dudley who are the ultimate support team. I’m so grateful that I can lean on them when chasing my dreams can sometimes take me away from say laundry and family time.


“I’d consider my team successful if we’ve helped you make music.”


What is the most beautiful sound in the world?

When a tiny baby tries to make a sound and fails. What they end up with is quiet but loaded sigh. This seems totally creepy of me but listen to the first 2 seconds of this instagram baby also called Joey. Just before she laughs – that sound is just the cutest.



Your favorite Output instrument?

SUBSTANCE. It’s featured in all of my favourite songs. Big, bold, beautiful low end for your rear end.

A Completely New Breed of Bass

SUBSTANCE is a deeply produced bass engine — combining heavily processed electric and acoustic basses, real brass sections, the dirtiest analog synths, and insane sound design to make your low end sound unlike anything you’ve heard.


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