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“Brilliant” – Dubspot reviews SIGNAL

“SIGNAL is absolutely brilliant; it will find a home in every project!”

Dubspot has officially fallen in love with SIGNAL. Rory PQ offers a personal the stamp of approval in his review.

I have only used SIGNAL for a week and absolutely love it. It is an incredibly thought out instrument capable of crafting simple or complex rhythmic sequences. I found it extremely intuitive to use and think it’s suitable for many different styles of music. Simply loading a preset and playing with the MACRO sliders was enough inspiration to get my music making gears turning. The simplicity of the user interface is immensely intriguing and devilishly addictive. SIGNAL has… read more on

– Rory PQ for Dubspot

SIGNAL is the world’s most powerful pulse engine.

Combining analog and digital synths with organic instruments for an entirely new sound.



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